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davisFIT Bootcamp

Tired of the same boring and repetitive workouts inside a hot crowded gym?
Need to lose some unwanted weight?
Want to finally have a body you can be proud of?

….. Try the DavisFit Bootcamp!
Time to stop putting this off!    The DavisFit Bootcamp in San Diego will get you in the best shape of your life.  Come join our weekly workouts on the beautiful San Diego bay in a group setting with your friends and peers.

A bootcamp setting will keep you motivated and allow you to achieve the results you deserve.  Enjoy breathtaking sunsets while you melt the fat away with like minded people who want to make their health and happiness a priority. San Diego Bootcamps

San Diego’s best personal trainers have joined forces to provide you with the most up to date and effective fat burning workouts. Our trainers will take you through challenging and inspiring workouts designed for every skill level. Our bootcamp workouts are the perfect combination of difficulty and fun regardless of whether or not this is your first structured fitness program or you are an experienced fitness enthusiast. Our workouts are the perfect combination for fat burning, muscle building, endurance, and core strength. Your workouts will never be the same again!


We do things a bit differently over here at davisFIT. If you’re looking for hardcore drill instructors and used car salesmen then you’re definitely in the wrong spot. We cap our classes at 20 people to allow for personalized instruction in order to make sure that everybody gets the attention they deserve. There’s no hiding in the background and slipping-by during our workouts. We don’t use fancy and flashy equipment and we don’t wear camo pants. If you want to go flip tires and swing sledgehammers then have a home improvement day. We stick to what works and that’s high intensity kick butt workouts.

Our business is built on relationships and results. The key to living a healthy lifestyle and improving your fitness and body image is to have fun while doing it. We are one big family over here; you will work harder than you ever have, but most importantly you will have fun doing it and you will make lifelong friends.

Come join our San Diego bootcamp workout and enjoy the friendly and fun environment that others trainers cannot provide.  Our goal is to keep you smiling and laughing while burning those calories and giving your body the attention it deserves.

When: (workouts are 60 minutes)
Mondays @ 6:15am and 6:00pm
@ 6:15am and 6:00pm
Fridays @ 6:15am
@ 8:00am

MORNING CLASS: Mission Bay-Ski Beach (north end of park)
: directions :

EVENING CLASS: Mission Bay-Ski Beach (south end of the park during winter months)
: directions :

Cost [your options]:


12 months unlimited- ($5.56 each) $89/month
6 months unlimited- ($6.18 each) ***most popular option*** $99/month
month-to-month unlimited- ($9.30 each) $149/month
month-to-month 2x a week- ($16.12 each) $129/month
Prepaid package of 20 Bootcamps - ($15 each) $300
Drop in rate - $20

What’s Included
-Accountability and motivation (the reason you are here)
-Fat burning, high intensity, core-specific full body workouts
-First rate instruction from San Diego’s best personal trainers
-Nutritional education, guidance, and support
-Before and After measurements and body fat assessments
-Before and After photos
-One on one support from two certified personal trainers to help you achieve your goals

Items to bring
-Full size towel or yoga mat
-Pair of dumbbells (8-10lbs for females and 12-20lbs for males)
-Water to stay hydrated
-Running shoes
-Dress in layers to accommodate for the weather
-Energized positive attitude
-Health & Liability Form

What to expect:
Come with a positive attitude and ready to work up a sweat.  Each workout is designed to work on various areas of your body and overall health.  We will start each bootcamp with a light warm up and some dynamic stretching.  No single bootcamp will be the same, but expect to do some running, core and ab exercises, agility drills, stretching, plyometrics, group drills, resistance training, etc.

Now what?
Start by selecting your payment options.  Next you will need to download and fill out the health and liability forms.  Email completed forms to davis@davisfit.com or bring them to your first workout.  That’s it!

davisFIT bootcamps

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